Sacha Lodge

(4 days – 3 nights / except Sunday)

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All our programs and itineraries are tailor-made and flexible to your needs and interests. Adventure is a given at Sacha Lodge, no matter how intrepid you may be.

Once you have arrived at Sacha Lodge, you are free to create your own itinerary with your guide, choosing from our list of activities. Please note, some activities are dependent on the weather.

(Sample itinerary, subjet to change)


Day 1
The journey to Sacha Lodge begins in Quito, from here, board a plane for a 30 -minute flight that rises over the Andes Mountains’ majestic snow-covered peaks and then descends over 8500 feet (2600 meters) into the Amazon region. Guest will meet a guide in the port town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana, passengers are transferred to the town docks, where a covered motorized canoe awaits for a 2½-hour, 50-mile (80-kilometer) trip down the sediment-rich waters of the Napo River, the largest river in Ecuadorian Amazonia. After arriving at Sacha Lodge around lunchtime and meeting your guide – who stays with you for the entirety of your trip – you will take your first excursion into the forest. Once you have returned and had dinner, you will set out for your first nighttime adventure.
Day 2
Day 2 & 3:
A typical day at Sacha begins at sunrise or earlier, taking advantage of the cool morning hours when the rainforest’s animals are most active. Each group agrees on a wake-up time, when their guide will knock on their door for a rude awakening! Breakfast will begin half an hour after that. Wherever the destination, our excursions proceed slowly in order to appreciate the fascinating details that our guides point out around you. You might begin the day paddling dugout canoes along tannin-rich black-water creeks and lakes, where luxuriant lianas, orchids, bromeliads and palm trees thrive, always with the possibility of spotting animals, from the tiny pygmy marmoset to the feared ocelot or puma. Then, you could board the motorized canoe for a short ride along the Napo River to visit the Providencia Community of Yasuní, learning about their jungle way of life and testing out their cooking techniques, stopping to watch the parrot disco of the clay lick along the way. You will return to the Lodge in the late morning, in time for a 1PM lunch. In the time between lunch and your afternoon adventure, you are free to enjoy the Lodge, lounging on sun chairs with a book on the Balsa, or cooling off in the Lake Pool. Activities begin again between 3:00PM and 4:30PM and often continue into the evening, when the nocturnal insect and frog chorus begins. An afternoon excursion might see you trekking through pristine Terra Firme forest, where 150-foot kapok trees tower above and roots form huge buttresses to give trees support, your guide pointing out the crest owl territory and calling to the howler monkeys. You could then climb 94 feet (30 meters) up to the Canopy Walk, a 940-foot (275-meter) bridge across the treetops from where you can spot dozens of animals and birds. Days at Sacha Lodge do not end with the fading of the light, or even with dinner. Night walks and canoe trips, with the aid of flashlights, often reveal creatures seldom seen during daylight. Caimans (of the alligator family) and giant insects rule the jungle after sunset. Do you dare search for them? *Please note: activities are subject to weather, though Forest Walks, the Kapok Tower, and Canopy Walk are the keystones of the Sacha Lodge experience.
Day 3
Transfer to the airport of Coca in order to take your flight back to Quito.