Otavalo Indian Market

(1 day / any time, on Saturday big market)

Imbabura, called with reason the “Province of the Lakes”, has within its territory the most beautiful lakes of Ecuador and the most popular and largest outdoor Indian market in South America: the Otavalo Indian Market.

The Otavaleños as the indigenous locals are known, have maintained their culture, costume and identity more than most native Indian groups in Ecuador.

For hundreds of years, Otavalo has hosted one of the most important markets in the Andes, a weekly fiesta that celebrates the gods of commerce.

The market is full of traditional crafts; weavings and textiles are bought and sold after friendly bargaining in the busting Indian market. Warm jackets, woven bags, cozy sweaters and wall hangings are all popular souvenirs.

In one day enjoy this traditional market and have a lunch at a typical restaurant.