Otavalo Indian Market

(2 days / 1 night)

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The province of Imbabura has been blessed by nature with places of real attractions for health and tourism.

Guest will have enough time to enjoy the valley of Otavalo, its landscape, lakes and its surroundings.


Day 1
32 Km north of Quito we will have our first stop is Calderón, a small village where the unique bread dough figures are made. Continue through the deep valley of Guayllabamba and Cayambe, the surrounding countryside consist of rich dairy farms and flower plantations. Cross into the province of Imbabura; arrive to the one of the traditional Haciendas where you will spend the night. Visit the town of San Antonio de Ibarra; it is famous for its wood artisans, for this is called also the Capital of wood artisans,the main street prominently displays carved statues, picture frames, and furniture. The town of Cotacachi, it is an artisan city that is famous for its leather goods and handicrafts.The city of Cotacachi holds a UNESCO medal for being free of illiteracy. In 2000 the entire canton was declared the first ecological county of South America.
Day 2
Enjoy the Otavalo Indian market with its weaving textiles, Panama hats, sweaters, handmade blankets, tablecloths, and much more. After lunch, return to Quito.
Note: The order of the visits may vary – depending on the weather and the day of the week.