City Tour of Guayaquil & Historic Park with lunch

(6 ½ hours / Wednesday to Sunday)

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city and the country’s chief seaport, industrial and commercial Centre.

Enjoy your stay in the city visiting  the main attractive places in the city, such as: The Seminario Park  well known as “Iguanas Park”, the Integration Plaza, the Crystal Palace (Old South Market), the Administration Plaza, the City Hall building, Moorish Tower, La Rotonda,  Las Peñas neighborhood, the Santa Ana Hill.


At noon you will have lunch at a wonderful typical restaurant.



The Central Bank of Ecuador built it in 1997 on the banks of the Guayas River as a theme park of 8 hectares with educational, cultural, environmental, recreational and tourist purposes.  It is divided in 3 sections:

1) Wildlife Area: it comprises approximately four hectares and recreates the natural habitat of more than 50 species between birds, mammals and other animals that turned the woods into their natural habitat, some of which are in danger of extinction.

2) Urban Architectonic Area: the space recreates the wealthy times of Guayaquil of the first decades of the XX century, when the city enjoyed an economic boom thanks to the growth and exportation of cocoa, which brought prosperity to the city and the surrounding farms.

3) Traditional Area: the space of two hectares is a place of reminiscence in which the visitor can learn about the history of urban Guayaquil, besides the observation of the rural life of our countryside.