The Galapagos Islands

The ideal place to do ecotourism

The beautiful, mysterious Galapagos Islands are situated a mere 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian Coast.

Galápagos, the little piece of Ecuador in the middle of the ocean, that enchants us and surrounds with its biodiversity, it is of volcanic origin, and  fot its unique ecosistem it was declarated National Park on July 4°, 1959, then in 1985 it was declarated a World Heritage Site and subsequently a World Biosphere Reserve in 1985 by UNESCO. Currently the 97% of the Islands are protect like its marine reserve, that have a remarkable ecological, biological and tourist value.


                                                                                  ¡SUSTAINABLE GALAPAGOS!

The identity of its habitants has been built through particular historical processes and ideological processes related to the conservation of ecosystems, the flora and fauna unique in the world.

The connection between the economic value of its habitants and the responsibility to the conservation of these fragile and unique elements in the world has become more important in recent decades.
The services provided by the ecosystems in Galapagos are essential and have an irreplaceable role in the life of the population because their economy and lifestyle depends on them.

The management of these services has a long history in the field of tourism, which is recognized in the world, between the 10 most visited places in Ecuador. What makes that in Galapagos there are environmentally friendly practices and at the same time take care of the needs of the local community, visualizing the world as a sustainable corner; recognized by the World`s Travel Awards as the best green tourist destination in South America.